Authoritative Honorable Certificate

"Safety","being professional","technology"

England WRAS Certification

The UK WRAS certification is managed and issued by British water center WRc-NSF on drinking water safety.

Golden Tick Award

Golden Tick Award is jointly organized by China hardware association and China industrial design association, which is an award for China unit kitchen industrial design. At present , it is the most authoritative, just,upscale and influential design award in domestic kitchen industrial design field .

IAPMO Certification

IAPMO has been engaged in drafting the norms and standards for safe use of buildings 'water supply and drainage and buildings' ventilation system.

DVGW Certification

DVGW certification is the most authoritative certification in Germany about faucets and pipe fittings.

Certificate for The Quantity of Metal Contaminant Precipitation in Ceramic Cartridge Faucets

Technical requirements and technological requirements of related products takes strictly on-the-spot audit and sampling test.

NSF certification

NSF is non-profit civil service organization, whose purpose is to improve the life quality of public health and hygiene.

Kapok Award

Kapok Award is one of the most influential product design award in China.

Water Conservation Certification

Water Conservation Certification.

Credit enterprise of building material industry in Bohai region

In 2011, continuing to carry out credit enterprise evaluation job.

Specially Invited Guest of Liaoning Broadcasting and Television Station

Specially invited guest as long term partner of Liaoning broadcasting and television station.

China Engineering Construction Recommended Products

China engineering construction recommended products are energy saving, green and eco-friendly.

The Cup of Safety& Health in China

Winning unit of the cup of safety&health in China ( for Shenyang area)

China Kitchen&Bath Product Innovation Award

China top 500 construction companies.

2015 China top 500 construction companies

Year 2015 Top 500 Chinese construction enterprise ranking list was published , which was the comprehensive, scientific, independent survey , research, publicity and release on enterprises’ strength development done by Chinese construction enterprises management association.

Year 2015 Quality Benchmark in National Industrial Enterprises

On October 20, 2015, Year 2015 quality benchmark in industrial enterprises publicity was published on the web of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, among which 34 typical quality related experiences were selected as year 2015 quality benchmark in national industrial enterprises.

Korean KS Certification

KS certification is a Korean national certification system. If quality of products manufactured by a company is over KS standard, after strict audit, these products can be labeled with KS mark.

Environmental Management System Certification

It is an internal management tool aiming to help organizations realize performance level of the self-setting environment and continuously improve environmental behavior.

Green Building Certification

It is an evaluation activity for green building grade and having informative labels according to Green Building Evaluation Label Management Methods (trial version).

Quality Control System

Quality control system refers to the management system concerning quality of command and control organization.

OHSAS Certificate

In recent years, OHSAS18000 standards is also a certification system in the world on management system standards.

China Top 10 Ceramic Sanitaryware Brand

China Top 10 Ceramic Sanitaryware Brand.

Green Building Product Selection Guide Directory

Supor shower faucets, basin faucets and kitchen faucets conform to management methods of green building product selection guide directory and are selected into CTC.

China Top 10 Metal Faucets Brand

China Top 10 Metal Faucets Brand.

China Market Recommended Brand

Recommended brand in China market, products deeply loved by Chinese customers.

Top 10 Sanitaryware Brand

Recommended brand in China market, products deeply loved by Chinese customers.