Ceramic Product Technique

Automatic Fine Material Processing

We never stop building the international first-class production and R&D base for ceramic sanitary wares.

Fully automatic modern production line to build unmanned chemical plants

From parts processing to welding, to polishing, to assembly, storage at one go, to ensure efficient operation of the product.

1 Million pieces / year

Glazing thickness up to 88mm

Eco-Friendly production

Six Production Process

Efficient Management, Professional Production

  • CNC Carving Machine

    99.9% Processing Accuracy In Molding Production
  • Fine Eelected Material Processing And Chemical Analysis

    Selecting High-Quality Porcelain Clay

    Equipped with professional chemical analysis lab, radioactive elements removed to the maximum extent during the raw material inspection and mixing process.

  • High-Pressure Grouting

    More Compact Ceramic Structure

    Supor imports advanced smart high-pressure grouting production line, making mud particle more bonding and stable and boasting higher symmetry degree and compactness of the ceramic body than traditional techniques.

  • ABB Robot Glazing

    Glaze More Even And Graceful

    Supor imports the most advanced CNC manipulators in the world MOTOMAN-HP20 robot for even and spotless glazing. The glazing thickness exceeds 1mm after four-time glaze to assure product quality.

  • 1250℃ High Temperature Firing

    High Compactness, Low Water Absorption

    Annual yield of ceramic sanitary wares reaches 1 million pieces. Firing temperature is up to 1250℃, making products resistant of high temperature and not easily cracked. Water absorption is lower than 0.3%.

  • German Technique Tunnel Kiln

    From German Technology

    Each Tunnel kiln is 96 meters long. Firing temperature is higher than 1200 ℃, making products with high temperature resistance and not easily cracked.

  • Ceramic Products Advantages

    High Quality, Fine Configuration

    High Quality, Fine Configuration

    We Choose The Best Accessory Suppliers In The World

  • Geberit Tank Trims

  • Easy-Cleaning Glaze

  • UF Seat&Cover

  • Three Core Technologies

    Flushing Systems

    Washing Clean

    Mechanical Design

    Lushing surface of mechanical arc design effectively avoid water splash.

    High Efficiency Water Saving

    Minimum flushing volume up to 3.6 L, 25% water usage less than national standard.

    Streamline Design

    Designed with streamline factors, seat and cover easy to disassemble, no cleaning corner.

    Self-Cleaning Glaze

    Snow type self-cleaning glaze, high compactness after firing, anti-bacterial.

    Quick Draining

    Supor specialized sanitary trap design, pipeline transmission distance is over 18 meters(12 meters for national standard), able to flush away 370 pp balls as best record.

    Instant Quiet Vortex Flushing

    360° siphonic vortex flushing, top flushing speed and low flushing noise.

    Jet Flushing

    Large diameter outlet valve and pipeline, instant jet flushing, no dirt residue.

    Easy-Cleanning Glaze

    One-Time Firing, No Coming Off

    • 1250℃ high temperature firing, dirt is not easy to stay, easy cleaning.
    • Four-time bright smooth glaze by robot manipulators.
    • 24-hour Anti-bacterial efficiency up to 95% or more.
    • Average Anti-bacterial efficiency for staphylococcuss aureus up to 95% or more.
    • Average Anti-bacterial efficiency for escherichia coli up to 95% or more.
    • Self-Cleaning Glaze

      Clean bright smooth glaze coating which is stable, dirt resistant and easy cleaning.
    • Thicker Glaze

      More than 1mm thick bright and spotless glaze after four-time smart robot glazing.
    • Anti-Bacterial And Wear Resistant Glaze

      Clean bright smooth glaze coating which is stable, dirt resistant and easy cleaning.

    Smart System

    High-Tech Care, Comfortable Experience

    High-Tech Care, Comfortable Experience

    1. Imported from Japan and Korea, anti-interference and highly stable.
    2. Equipped with high plug, silicon seal injection treatment, completely kept off water vapor, ensuring use safety.

    Electrical Appliances Safety Protector

    1. With ground protection: cistern heater’s copper plate is linked to the grounding line, and connect the circuit to the ground.
    2. Electricity leakage protection: power line has leakage protector ( 10MA).

    Air Temperature Safety Protection

    1. 95℃, recoverable.
    2. Fuse fuses when temperature reaches 157℃, unrecoverable.

    Cleansing Safety Protector

    1. Temperature sensor protector: setting temperature control and power is cut off when temperature is higher than the temperature set, recoverable.
    2. Magnetic sensitive temperature switch: heater power is cut off when water temperature is higher than 45℃, recoverable.
    3. 50℃heat protector: heater power is directly cut off when temperature is over 50℃, recoverable.
    4. Cleansing safety protector: pressing cleansing button is not effective when water temperature is over 52℃.
    5. 77℃ one-off fuse protector, unrecoverable.

    Seat Heating Safety Protection

    1. Setting temperature control, recoverable.
    2. One-off fuse fuses when temperature is higher than 70℃.
    3. Heating power restricts the seat temperature to be lower than 50℃.

    High Quality Guarantee

    Graceful Glaze, Technological Guarantee

    Manufacturing high quality ceramic sanitary wares up to high standards is Supor's basic requirements. From raw material selection& inspection, mixing, slip casting, drying, glazing, firing, finished products inspection to packaging &storage, we keep high quality, uniformity and high efficiency through many steps inspections. Because of excellent quality and design, our ceramic products are popular in many countries.