Stainless Steel Product Technique

Advanced Technology And High Automation

We never stop building the international first-class production and R&D base for S.S. products.

R&D Center

With the core technologies on energy saving, human health and environment protection, we are committed to researching and developing the S.S. sanitary wares deeply loved by customers and exceeding their expectations.

Cover 10000 square meters

32 scientific studies

160 items of quality inspection

Modern Automatic Production Line

We achieve high efficiency operation from accessory machining, welding, polishing, components assembly to packaging& storage.

54 production lines

0.2mm high machining accuracy

30% efficiency promoted

Four Production Process

We Are Creating World Class Quality With Heart

  • Metal Injection Molding

    Keeping the material performance

    Metal injection molding technique is used to manufacture special shaped stainless steel parts to assure diversified faucet types and superior performance of stainless steel material.

  • Smart CNC Machining

    Machining accuracy up to 0.02mm

    Through leading CNC machining, machining efficiency promoted by 2-3 time, machining accuracy up to 0.02mm.

  • Nikel-Based Welding Technology

    Advocating eco-friendly production

    1. Keep stainless steel molecular structure, prevent the product from oxidation, keep stainless steel performance, and keep impurities off the stainless steel.

    2. Completely Welding , no incomplete welding cause of melting and deformation.

    3. No welding heap & slag and no burning& deformation.

  • Robot polishing

    Keeping appearance uniformity

    We adopt world well-known ABB automatic robots in polishing to achieve stable and uniform polishing effect in place of manual polishing. Mirror polishing effect can be done in this way.

  • Stainless Steel Product Advantages

    High Quality And High Configuration

    Be Assured For Healthy Material

    Lead hinders absorption of calcium, iron and selenium, which cause harm to development of intelligence, characters and body for children. Copper with high lead content has been prohibited in beverage purpose by international laws.

    Be Relieved For Rust Resistance And Corrosion Resistance

    Copper faucet inner wall is easy to rust, direct intake of copper ion in human body increases the burden of the digestive system, producing copper oxide, which causes skin irritation and may cause stomach pain.

    Be Easy For Eco-Friendly Production

    Strong acid and alkali is used in electroplate, producing toxic gas and exhaust gas which can harm the ecological environment, which threatens residents'safety. Take care lives, protect earth and reduce use of electroplated faucets.

    European Quality Configuration

    We Choose The Best Accessory Suppliers In The World

  • Hungarian KEROX Cartridge
    Spanish SEDAL Cartridge

    Exact temperature control, flexible adjustment, heat-resistant, wear-resistant and anti-aging, 0.5 million times exact temperature control with no leakage.
  • Swiss NEOPERL Aerator

    Air is mixed into water flow through precise honeycomb structure to make a soft touch water with 30% water conservation and avoid water splash, which can achieve good cleaning effect.
  • Spanish TUCAI Hose

    SUS 304 stainless steel inlet hose with strong tense-resistance, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-explosion, make sure inlet water clean and flow Smoothly away from pollution and rust-resistant and easy disassembling stainless steel nut is provided.
  • Quality Guarantee

    Non-Lead Faucets, Faucets In High Quality

    Supor manufacture high quality nonlead stainless steel faucets. From raw materials inspection, machining, automatic brazing, polishing, components assembly, water test to packaging&storage, we make sure the detective products under control and avoid transferring the detective products to the next process. Because of excellent techniques and quality, our products are approved by many international well-known laboratories and sold well all over the world.